Trading is Fun!

for the trading of accessories for you little big eyed girls

for trading only
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for the trading of pullip accessories and clothing for the sake of fun
this commuity is for trades only!
(no $ales allowed)

post some of the fun stuff you have to trade...even if you only have one or two things, post it...and then people will respond that they want your stuff and theyll give you stuff for it...yeah....i just explained trading....

i figure, most pullip accessories/clothing fit into a regular envelope, so shipping would only cost $0.41. so the way im thinking this would work, is everyone pays their own shipping, and that way, broke people, (like myself) can get cool stuff in the mail (which makes me feel all happy and loved)
and try to trade with as many people as possible! make new friends!

and for you diy-ers its a good way to get your stuff out there!

please try to trade fairly...like if someone sent you a kick-ass 5-skirted elaborate period dress...and you send them back a pair of barbie shoes...thats not cool...but i dont think expensive things like that would be here...this is just for little things.

*if you come accross this site before october, yeah, there's nothing here. but feel free to start posting/join. im on vacation and i just wanted to claim the name while i had the chance...you never know. but i'll be back in october posting some of my own stuff...i like to make things!